Survivor 43 episode 4 sneak peek: Can Cody, Vesi recover?

Survivor 43As we get ourselves prepared for Survivor 43 episode 4 on CBS, there is going to be a lot to sift through … especially at Vesi.

Being a tribe of just four people can be pretty demoralizing, and we tend to think it’s even more the case on a season with so few supplies. Less people are around to take care of camp, and there really isn’t room for any weaknesses. Vesi got rid of Nneka thinking that it was going to be the move that helped them to win challenges, but will that really be the case?

The first of the two sneak peeks can really be described as Cody’s hype video, as he tries to chart a course for the next phase of the game. He and Nneka were close, so voting her out was not a decision he made lightly. He just did it because he thought it would be best for the long-term health of this tribe. (It’d be hilarious if after all of that, there is some sort of tribe swap coming up next week.)

We know already that there isn’t a tribe swap coming up based on the second sneak peek below, which indicates that there is a different twist coming after the next challenge. The winning tribe will have a chance to steal something from the losers. This is a way to further upset the balance of power, and then also make some enemies. Who knows how many grudges could come from this? There is a risk that someone could hold this against you later on down the road.

For right now, it feels like Coco is in the best spot as a tribe just because none of them have been sent out of the game just yet. However, we know how fast things can change out there.

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