‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: Nina Dobrev on the Jeremy dilemma

Nina DobrevLet’s start this article off with a warning: if you want to remain potentially unspoiled about Thursday night’s new “Vampire Diaries” episode, it’s probably best to stop reading now.

Did Nina Dobrev just confirm that her Jeremy Gilbert is going to stay dead? In a new interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” the actress does speak pretty definitively about Elena’s brother as though the character is not going to be around anymore. Is there a possibility that he is still revived down the road? This is a supernatural show that we are dealing with; but based off of some of the comments Dobrev makes below, it does not lot as though he is going to be coming back to life anytime soon:

“Jeremy was the last person she had left, so it’s very likely that Elena could go off the deep end now that she doesn’t have the one thing that kept her human. Elena wants to protect the people she loves and saw this new-found strength as a way to protect everyone. But, in this case, she couldn’t protect Jeremy and lost the only family member she had left. She won’t take it lightly. It’s going to destroy her.”

The one positive that comes from Jeremy’s passing at the moment is that it looks almost as though it will unify most of the other characters around Elena, and have many of them start to really work to support her in any way that they can. Unfortunately, nobody can really give her just what she needs, and this episode could therefore feature one of the biggest downward spirals in “Vampire Diaries” history.

If you want to see some more scoop about what Elena may do as a result of some of what transpires with Jeremy, be sure to check out this “Vampire Diaries” scoop over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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