‘Justified’ season 4, episode 8 preview: Will Arlo take Raylan’s deal?

JustifiedOn the last episode of “Justified” season 4, Raylan didn’t get any closer to finding Drew Thompson then he has before, but he might have found a way to get Arlo to talk if you can believe that.

Raylan sat down with his father at the prison and asked him for the identity of  Drew Thompson.  Of course Arlo told Raylan that he wasn’t going to help him, even after Raylan offered him a deal.  As Raylan walked away from Arlo he mentioned that he might offer the deal to Sheriff Hunter for information about Drew Thompson and Arlo’s mood shifted.  Raylan noticed the mood shift and called Arlo out on it, but Arlo tried to pass it off as nothing.

In a new preview for next week’s episode of “Justified” season 4 called “Outlaw” Raylan offers Arlo’s deal to Sheriff Hunter. Will Raylan get any closer to finding out who Drew Thompson is?  One person we do think is one step closer to finding out Drew’s true identity is Boyd Crowder. At the swinger’s party, Boyd met a few rich men who wanted him to start doing a few “favors” for them, something that his father used to do before he died and in exchange they will allow Boyd to continue his business in Harlan county. One of the men (played by “Lost” veteran Sam Anderson) is who we have pegged as Drew Thompson – he’s about the right age and he’s very smart, he could very well be Drew.

An all new episode of “Justified” season 4 airs on Tuesday, February 26th at 10 p.m. on FX, but if you can’t wait until then and need a little taste then be sure to check out the promo for “Outlaw” below. If you missed the last episode of “Justified” season 4, then you can read our review of the episode here.

Photo: FX

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