The Walking Dead season 11 episode 18: Is Sebastian dead?

The Walking DeadFor those of you out there who watch The Walking Dead on AMC+, you were treated to a LOT of great stuff today. That included a pretty dramatic death on season 11 episode 18.

It’s no surprise to anyone at this point that Sebastian Milton is a massive thorn in the side of many characters. He’s served as one of the main antagonists as of late, which created all the more problems in the Commonwealth given his mother Pamela’s position. This is yet another one of those “pristine societies” that really thinks that it’s found a new and better way of living when in reality, that’s not even remotely the case. There was corruption from the top down, and that’s not even getting fully into all of the stuff that we saw Sebastian doing.

It’s hard to really even say what the single most shocking thing about this character’s demise really is, whether it be the walker attacks, seeing them in the streets, or even seeing Judith be the person who takes the gun and fires. It was another reminder of course that nowhere is truly safe.

Beyond just that, the death of Sebastian at this point does position the rest of the season in a more ambiguous way. We do think there could be some more closure to the Commonwealth story within the final weeks of the season, but we don’t think the show is really about just one singular community. Instead, it’s about a lot of these people and them finding out the best way that they can survive in this world. While we do have spin-offs coming, a lot of these characters won’t be featured in them. With that, we’ll have to see some separate endgames formulated for a number of different people.

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