ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2 spoilers: Gabriel Mann teases ‘Retribution’

Gabriel MannAs if ABC’s scheduling as of late has not been frustrating enough for “Revenge” season 2, know this: it will be March 10 until we see another new episode of the show. What’s the reason behind this? The network is just trying to set things up so that much of the rest of the season can air without interruption, but after the show just started to re-gain some of its ratings momentum, is another delay really a good move?

We’re not here to discuss the “Revenge” ratings woes as of late, though; instead, we want to present a tease from one Gabriel Mann (per Entertainment Weekly) about the Helen Hunt-directed episode of the show entitled “Retribution,” and just how this could mark even more of a return to form for the show than “Sacrifice” was:

“She was very invested in the characters, and sort of had really strong smart ideas about [how] at a certain point, when you keep upping the stakes and upping the stakes, there has to be a payoff … I feel like she really got us back to our roots, saying, ‘As human beings, what happens to [the characters] when these things are occurring all around you?’ She anchored it in incredible, dramatic reality — still within the confines of the Revenge world, clearly — but really brought a real sensitivity and poignancy to the things these character have to deal with in the next few episodes.”

There are a number of interesting questions that will need to be covered during this episode, beginning with just how Emily is going to handle Amanda’s death in the long run, whether or not Jack lives to see another day, or if Victoria can really bully her son Grayson into staying silent.

Just in case you missed out on the opportunity to watch a preview for the March 10 episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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