Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Does gametalk matter now?

Big BrotherWe’re now deep into the afternoon on the Big Brother 24 live feeds and for now, we’re getting a sense of where everyone’s priorities lie. Or, to be specific, where the focus is not at the moment.

At the time of this writing, the final three are all lying around — the same position that they’ve been for the vast majority of the day so far. Nobody has really campaigned, or even visibly said too much when it comes to their endgame plans.

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We stand behind most of what we’ve said so far. Monte and Turner are each taking part in Part 3 of the final Head of Household, and we think that Monte takes Taylor to the end, whereas Turner ends up taking Monte. These are probably set in stone, mostly because we’ve entered a point where gametalk is suddenly not as important as it used to be. Think about it this way: Someone like Turner has probably thought internally about his final two goals for weeks on end, and he may know what he wants to do. It would be hard to get him to change his mind the day before.

Of course, we do still wish we saw more of Taylor and Turner talking about him taking her to the end, especially at a time when Monte is either asleep or unaware. Yet, Taylor may recognize already that Turner is probably not going to take her; or, that nothing that she says at this point will alter his opinion anyway.

We do think everyone will become a bit more active later … but that may just be to hang out and chat. It may not have anything to do with the game itself.

One thing we should note…

There have been some feed outages here and there, and it’s possible that something happened during one of them relevant to the endgame. If that’s the case, though, nobody is talking about them (unfortunately) after the fact.

Do you think anything is going to change at all today on the Big Brother 24 live feeds?

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