Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Aftermath of final HoH, Part 1

Matt Turner Big BrotherLast night in the Big Brother 24 house the first part of the final HoH competition took place. So what happened? Let’s just say there are a few interesting things worth discussing further in this piece.

First and foremost, let’s get the basic news out of the way, for those who didn’t see the update overnight: Turner won the competition! That means he won’t be competing again until the final part on finale night. He’s got a 50% chance of making it to the final two, and he needs to win that given that Taylor and Monte both seem keen on taking each other at this point.

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What was interesting after the comp was seeing a substantial talk between Taylor and Turner, who really need to communicate more than they have. The players don’t have knowledge of what’s going on at jury but from what we’ve seen, Taylor will stand a much better chance with Turner in the final two than Monte. We’ve seen Monte have a lot of support from Terrance, Kyle, and others over there. Meanwhile, there are major questions about Turner’s game and Alyssa is still mad at him. Turner may also be better suited to bring Taylor over Monte though honestly, that’s hard to gauge. Turner may be drawing dead versus either of them, to be honest. Taylor’s got a story that he just can’t match and she’s won some comps.

The one mistake Taylor did make overnight was suggesting that Turner would have Brittany’s vote over Monte. That gives him another reason to take Monte! Most of this conversation was about each person trying to convince the other that they don’t have much of a chance at winning in the end, which is always funny for so many reasons. We do at least think these two would be a super-entertaining final two so we hope Turner and Taylor can make some sort of a deal. However, we also think both of them would be scared to burn Monte at this point and lose his vote.

For those wondering, it sounds like this competition was the spinning endurance comp we’ve seen in the past, or at least a variation of it. More than likely, Part 2 will take place today.

Do you think Turner and Taylor should take each other to final two within Big Brother 24?

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