‘Hart of Dixie’ season 2 spoilers: Can AnnaBeth fix her friendship with Lemon?

Hart of DixieWhen sparks began to fly between AnnaBeth and Lavon on “Hart of Dixie” season 2 fans of the series weren’t exactly sure where this story line was going to go because of AnnaBeth’s friendship (and business relationship) with Lemon, but as much as she tried to push her feelings for him away, AnnaBeth found herself falling deeper and deeper for the Mayor of Bluebell.  Now that AnnaBeth has told Lemon about her and Lavon’s feelings for one another and that their relationship has already crossed the romantic line, their friendship is in pieces at the moment leaving AnnaBeth crushed that she did this to Lemon.

In a new interview with Spoiler TV, actress Kaitlyn Black (who plays AnnaBeth), spoke about the choices her character is facing – fix her friendship with Lemon or continue to cozy up with Lavon.  While many viewers have been rooting for AnnaBeth and Lavon to get together since both have had their hearts broken one too many times for our liking, Black reveals that AnnaBeth’s main priority will be fixing her friendship with Lemon.  She said:

“For AB friendship comes first. Her priority is to mend her relationship with Lemon. Her feelings for Lavon may be strong, but Lemon and AB became close when they were young girls and have seen each other through many of life’s trials and tribulations, so that trumps all.”

We are hoping that because Lemon has moved on into a romantic relationship with Walt that she will eventually come around to the idea of AnnaBeth and Lavon, but it’s hard to predict how someone will react once their feelings have been hurt – especially Lemon.  She has been known to come up with some pretty sneaky plans to get what she wants in the past and now that Lavon might be moving on with her best friend, it’s possible that she may have to plan another break up even though her last plan to break up Lavon and Ruby blew up in her face.

Do you want to see AnnaBeth and Lavon together or are you still rooting for Lemon and Lavon to work things out?  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new preview for tonight’s episode called “The Gambler” then be sure to watch it here.

Photo: CW

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