‘Bones’ season 8, episode 17 preview: Brennan admits she’s narrow minded

bonesWe were a little disappointed with last night’s episode (16) of “Bones” season 8 when the show completely ignored everything that happened with Brennan getting shot the week before.  We were hoping that her brush with death and meeting with her mother on the other side would awaken a more emotional side of Brennan that would start to come out more throughout the rest of the series, but instead it was like Brennan never got shot at all – no one even mentioned it and it was back to business as usual and the same old Brennan.

What has also been completely absent is Pelant and what he did to Hodgins and Angela.  We know that Hodgins has lost his fortune, but it seems that it’s back to business as usual for them as well, which seems pretty out of character since Angela and Hodgins were ready to go rogue on Pelant after he not only drugged them and left a corpse above their bed, but also threatened their child.  We would really like to see some of these major events actually take affect on Hodgins, Angela, Brennan and Booth, meaning that their feelings and thoughts aren’t wrapped up in one episode since these would have lingering affects on them.

In next week’s episode (17) of “Bones” season 8 the new promo shows us that the masterminds behind the show are moving even further away from the major story lines that are mentioned above and are continuing along the episodic nature that the show has been following for years.  Brennan will find herself coming face to face with a brand new intern who seems to not only be just as smart as she is, but is also open minded to “the impossible”, something that Brennan can’t wrap her mind around.  While at first she’s not crazy about being challenged by an intern she later admits to Booth that the intern might be right about her being “narrow minded”.

Episode 17 of “Bones” season 8 airs next Monday, February 25th at 8 p.m. on Fox, but if you can’t wait until then and need a little sneak peek then be sure to check out the new promo for the episode below. If you missed last night’s episode and want to catch up on what happened then take a look at our review of the episode here.

Photo: Fox

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