‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ rankings: Michael Snow tops his tribe

SurvivorYesterday, we did our best to rank the entire Favorites tribe on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites,” and we have to admit that compared to trying to rank the Fans, differentiating the games of Phillip Sheppard and Dawn Meehan was a complete cake-walk.

We still don’t know very much about these ten people to the left, mostly because the Favorites got a ton of screen time and not honestly all of them are interesting. At least you have three distinct guys … but why cast four extremely young women when it is so hard to tell any of them apart? We’re going to try to ignore this when doing these rankings, though, as we are instead basing this on everything from perceived strategy to airtime, edit, and whether or not they are someone who could win in the end.

10. Hope Driskill – This “cool kids’ alliance” is ridiculous. An alliance of four people can be powerful … but you can’t let anyone else know it exists. Unless the Fans are morons, they will pick off these four pretty quickly, and will start with Hope, given that we’re not really getting a sense that she is that helpful to the tribe.

9. Allie Pohevitz – She is to Reynold what Hope is to Eddie. The only reason that she is higher is simply because she seems to at least have a somewhat-better sense of the game.

8. Matt Bischoff – Do we think that Matt is in trouble? No, but if this “cool” alliance somehow does last past a tribal council, he’s an easy target simply because he looks so different and doesn’t really seem interested in playing the game.

7. Eddie Fox – Being a physical threat could help him for now, but the fans also have so many other physical players that they could do without a guy this cocky.

6. Shamar Thomas – The Fans will want the guy around for being a physical beast and a hard worker. They will want to get rid of him for telling people to “shut up” and for suggesting that his tribe members should break the wrists of the Favorites. Terribly attitude for a military guy.

5. Reynold Toepfer – Out of this cool kids’ alliance, Reynold is probably the smartest one of the gang, and seems to be a fan of the show to a certain extent. He’s also a bit of a sleaze, but the good news is that he is saving most of that for the confessional room.

4. Laura Alexander – We really have no idea who she is. For now, is that a good thing?

3. Julia Landauer – See above. It’s hard to really say anything when we know so little about a player.

2. Sherri Biethman – What reason will the Fans have to vote Sherri out? She seems to be in pretty good shape, and she is not in some sort of idiotic alliance.

1. Michael Snow – At the moment, we have Michael ranked #1 for a very simple reason: out of the members of the Fans tribe, he’s the only one who seems to be completely playing the game. He realizes that there are multiple options as to what alliance he can join, but he is not being the obvious swing vote so that he will be a target. No matter what happens, we have a feeling that he will be in a position to stay around for at least several more weeks.

Who is your favorite on the Fans tribe, or do you think that they are all too boring at the moment to really care? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts below, and you can check out the full Favorites rankings over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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