‘The Bachelor’ review: Is Desiree Hartsock’s brother the rudest family member ever?

DesireeThis week on “The Bachelor,” we saw one person act really horrible as a prank … and another guy who may quite possibly go down as one of the most horrible people that we’ve witnessed in the history of family visits. (We’re going a bit more stream-of-consciousness than in other episode reviews, mostly because there are so few ladies left.)

What in the world was up with Desiree Hartsock’s brother Nick? It was almost as if the guy was a “Jersey Shore” cast member, and he was told by producers to spend the entire evening yelling “come at me, bro!” at Sean Lowe while he tried to have a serious conversation with him. Does he have a right to voice his opinion and trash a guy who is there to potentially pick his girlfriend on a reality show? Sure, and many of his fears were justified based on the fact that Des had only a 25% chance of getting the final rose.

However, there is also this to think about here when it comes to the situation: if it is a mistake, let it beĀ theirĀ mistake. Don’t ruin what could be a chance at true love (strange as that may seem considering the show’s track record) by just being a nasty human being to a guy you don’t even know. He could have went with Sean with concerns and nobody could have blamed him; however, he instead was combative towards him, and he’s probably going to be yelled at and ridiculed by people on the street.

In grading the hometown dates, we’d probably give Desiree’s an F based mostly on this interaction alone, and it ruined the good joke she played on him involving a fake ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Catherine Giudici gets a C- just for her mother and her sister not really giving Sean answers about anything.

As for the positive dates this evening, the other two were easily standouts: AshLee Frazier gets a solid A-, while Lindsay Yenter’s charming time with Sean was a solid A. She had the most lovable parents, and this was with her father being on paper extremely intimidating as a two-star general.

In the end, though, the writing was huge on the wall despite Sean’s declarations that he really was confused as to who he wanted to send home: how do you get over the fact that you may love the girl, but the brother hates you? It’s hard to pick the guy’s brain, but had Desiree’s hometown gone better, we really think that she would still be there and Catherine may be at home.

Overall, what do you think about what Desiree’s brother did, and who are you rooting for to win the season? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can see where we ranked the ladies going into this episode over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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