Chicago Fire interview: On on Brett, Casey’s future, big cliffhanger

The Chicago Fire season 11 premiere is coming to NBC in just a matter of days so why not celebrate with a new interview?

We know entering this new batch of episodes that there is a lot of potential drama coming up and we are here for it! Take, for example, what’s going on when it comes to Severide and Kidd following the events of the season 10 finale. Right when the two got married and they were off for some alone time, danger found them. That’s something that the first episode will dive into almost right away!

Below, executive producer Derek Haas talks to Matt and Jess TV about where the show will be picking up, plus also what Brett is thinking about when it comes to Casey and a new arrival in Firehouse 51.

Matt & Jess TV – How did you decide on having Severide and Kidd’s honeymoon be the big cliffhanger?

Derek Haas – We knew we wanted to do a wedding and that it would be toward the end of the show… once we had that, we figured the best cliffhanger ending would be an interrupted honeymoon!

Where is the show going to pick up in the premiere?

We are going to pick up pretty soon after the ending of last season… like about as much time as it would take for Severide and Kidd to get started on their marriage.  Then it gets scary.

Are there any new faces we should expect to see this season?  

We have a new firefighter on Truck 81… Sam Carver who has a history with Stella Kidd… and she may not be too keen on him showing up at the Firehouse.

Where is Brett at in the premiere, especially as she recognizes that the man she loves is living a separate life in another state?

Brett is having to face some tough life and relationship questions as she realizes that long distance relationships are as difficult as they sound.  She loves Matt, but their timing couldn’t have been worse.

Are there any big themes you’re looking to explore this season?

We’re looking to explore how firefighters cope with not saving everyone… how when things are dark, you have to rely on the people next to you to get you through it.

One of my favorite things about this show are the lighthearted side plots — nice to get a little humor in there! Is there a memorable one you can share from early episodes?

Yes!  We have a Halloween episode coming up… and let’s just say that Boden takes Halloween very seriously.

If you’re like us…

You’re really excited for that Halloween episode! Just remember that the Chicago Fire premiere airs Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern, immediately following the premiere of Chicago Med.

What do you most want to see on the Chicago Fire season 11 premiere?

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