Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Brittany’s pitch to Monte (day 76)

Brittany Hoopes Big BrotherWe know that for the past couple of days, Brittany has made it clear within Big Brother 24 that she wanted to make a specific pitch to Monte. She is still trying to extend her game to the final three however she can, and we more than respect her for that.

With all of this being said, the pitch that she presented today was not quite the one that we anticipated over the past 48 hours. Originally, she was planning to do her version of a corporate slide presentation complete with various graphs made of M&Ms and bits/pieces of other information. That eventually morphed to where Taylor was going to do it instead. Yet, there was a lot of drama between Taylor and Monte last night, mostly because it felt like he was trying to project other people’s opinions onto her as some cold, detached person based on one comment that she made. (You can read more about that over here.)

In the end, Brittany tried to present her case this afternoon, with the crux of the argument still being that with Turner still in the game, you lessen your chances of winning at the final two. For starters, he’s a big competition threat, and there is a chance he could use that against you in an argument even if the two are at the end. Brittany, meanwhile, has not won as many competitions, and in a battle between him and her at the end, he wins quite easily.

Monte was attentive and listened to everything she had to say; he even made it seem like he’ll think about it and welcomes more talks down the road. However, Brittany still got the vibe throughout that he was still voting her out and apologized to her husband via the feeds after the fact. She knows that she was so close but is likely gone later in the week. Monte’s biggest counterpoint is one that Brittany can’t really refute: He knows that Brittany and Taylor will likely take each other to the end and with Turner, he’s got a good chance of being in the final two no matter what. Even if Brittany promised him final two over Taylor, he wouldn’t believe her.

It’s hard to know what else Brittany can really do, unless Taylor pushes Monte really hard to change his mind (but that still likely won’t matter) or Turner shoots himself in the foot.

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