Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Brittany’s graphs & pitch-planning

Brittany Hoopes Big BrotherEarlier this afternoon, we noted that Brittany hadn’t quite given up when it comes to accepting her fate in Big Brother 24 — and over the past few hours, we’ve seen how hard she is willing to go to come up with a compelling speech.

One thing that is important to acknowledge from the get-go here is that nobody within the house has a full idea of what’s going on when it comes to the show’s schedule. Because the Veto Competition was so early, there is speculation aplenty that other events may happen rather fast. Hence, a greater sense of urgency for Brittany to save herself now that Monte has the Veto.

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This afternoon, we saw her basically try to make various graphs of competition wins out of M&Ms, a part of her larger pitch to Monte. There’s some interesting stuff in here, but also some ridiculous nonsense. She’s trying to paint a narrative that Monte can better be the narrator of his own story by bringing her to the end of the game, especially since his odds are significantly higher than with Turner. She’s gone out of her way to not just mention competition wins, but overall placement and how poorly she has done in a lot of comps. She’s mentioned that if his goal is to get to the final two with Taylor, she’s a good person to bring. She’s referencing how the final HoH competitions go, how part 1 is typically physical, and how there’s a chance that she may not even make it to part 3, which is the one she’d likely do the best at.

Brittany’s putting a lot of effort into making an argument that she’s not a threat and Turner is … but Monte already knows all of this and doesn’t care. He thinks for now that if he takes Turner, he has a clear path to final two almost no matter what. He and Taylor have a deal and Turner’s already told him that he’s taking him 100%. Is that really the case? We gotta wait and see, but if Monte things he can beat either of them, he doesn’t have to take his chances with Brittany all that much. (Personally, we actually think that his biggest threat is Taylor, but we’re not sure he sees that.)

For the record, this full, direct pitch hasn’t happened yet; we’ll see if it does.

What do you think about Brittany’s arguments for Monte to keep her in Big Brother 24?

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