Jon Snow – Game of Thrones spin-off: Will HBO announce soon?

Jon Snow Game of ThronesAs much as we’ve been enjoying House of the Dragon so far, we’ll admit that we remain curious and/or stoked to check out another entry in the extended Game of Thrones universe. Of course, we are talking here as though the Jon Snow spin-off show is officially going to happen! That isn’t even confirmed as of yet.

Ultimately, this IS what we want to dive into further in this piece; are we going to be getting more news on this show soon, or will HBO allow it to remain in development for much of the extended future?

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First things first, we should note that this network is never one to rush things. If they just don’t think the idea is fleshed-out enough, they won’t release it; they’ve already axed one Game of Thrones prequel and that was after they poured a ton of money into it and shot a pilot! The Jon spin-off holds a lot of potential, so of course we think that they will want to ensure that they get things right behind the scenes.

Yet, if they can get those assurances within the next month, we think that they would LOVE to get news out there before House of the Dragon is over. That way, fans of this show can be excited both for a season 2 of it and other things within the universe.

Of course, announcing the Jon spin-off is just one small piece of the overall puzzle, as there are a lot of other things to contemplate here. The show would need to be written, shot, and pieced together in post-production. Even if it gets a green light next month, we’re resigned to the idea that it won’t premiere until 2024. Anything else just feels ridiculous.

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Do you think we’ll get an announcement for a Game of Thrones – Jon Snow spin-off this year?

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