‘Girls’ season 2, episode 7 preview: Hannah and Jessa take a trip

Girls“Girls” has focused during the past couple of weeks on little one-episode adventures, whether it be Hannah spending time with a new man (Patrick Wilson) who could give her everything she wanted, or Adam and Ray actually teaming up for a brief expedition involving returning a dog to its rightful owner.

So where do we go from here? Apparently, to upstate New York in order to meet Jessa’s long-estranged father. Ever since her split from Thomas-John a couple of episodes ago, this character has been largely missing in action, but this half-hour will change that as we will meet her dad’s new love, and also hopefully learn a little bit more about herself in the process. At the moment, this is something that is sorely needed for this show for a number of reasons, with the primary one being that we need to understand Jessa a little bit better for her to be a character as interesting as Hannah or Marnie. Sometimes she seems to be hip and obnoxious merely for the sake of doing so, and we’d love to give at the substance that is present there underneath the snark.

As we get to know Jessa more this week, hopefully we’ll get a better sense of just where she wants to see herself heading in the future. It’s shocking and sad that there are only three more episodes coming up after this one, and this leaves us little time to wonder what Hannah is going to do with her eBook, whether Marnie will continue to be a hostess, or if Adam is ever going to re-enter the picture with his one-time love.

What do you want to see unfold on Sunday night’s new episode? In addition to sharing some of your thoughts below, be sure to also head on over to the link here to read our full review from Sunday night’s installment.

Photo: HBO

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