The Blacklist season 10: How long will Wujing be around?

The Blacklist season 9 art

The Blacklist season 10 is currently in production, and we know that’s welcome news for a lot of people! We may not be seeing the James Spader show return until 2023, but there’s a lot to discuss while we wait.

Take, for example, the return of Wujing, the season 1 Blacklister who resurfaced at the end of season 9. He’s in possession of the list of Blacklisters handed over by Marvin Gerard, who exposed Raymond Reddington as a criminal informant. Chin Han (who plays the character) has already confirmed his return, so we can go ahead and assume that he’s back — but how long will he be around?

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Well, we should note first and foremost that Han is a busy guy, and is going to be reprising his role of Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 2. Would that limit his season 10 involvement? It’s possible, but it’s also possible Wujing’s return could just be for a few episodes. It remains to be seen if this character would be a Big Bad for some significant chunk of time. No doubt he was a fantastic story-of-the-week foe back in season 1, but is he memorable enough to last for a long stretch of time? We will at least say this: He’s a smart adversary and we know he’s capable of running an organization. He’ll also have legitimate beef with Reddington based on how he got played back in season 1.

Even if Wujing is not a character who sticks around forever, we do think there’s some material to be mined with him. If nothing else, he could also past the list of criminals on to someone and create an even bigger problem!

How long do you think we’re going to see Wujing moving into The Blacklist season 10?

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