Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Alyssa learns her fate? (day 72)

Alyssa Snider Big BrotherWith the Big Brother 24 final five eviction show coming in just a matter of hours, what more can we say about it right now?

Well, for starters, it’s clearer than ever at this point where the votes lie: Alyssa will be leaving the game, unless Turner stuns most of America. This entire situation has been a mess, and that’s putting it mildly.

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As of right now, what we can say is this: This morning, Brittany told Alyssa that she’d 100% have her vote, but Turner said that he was not likely to give her a sympathy vote. (That was a conversation Turner and Brittany had last night, one that was WAY too obvious from Brittany’s part as to what she was doing. Turner went and relayed everything after the fact to Monte and Taylor, and then said that Brittany was trying to flip.)

Brittany suggested to Alyssa that it’s possible that Turner was lying, but it’s hard to know why he’d do that with her at this point. If he wanted to evict Taylor, he would NEED to make sure that Brittany was on board to avoid putting a huge target on his back moving forward.

In the end, Alyssa’s going to be leaving unless there’s some big change of heart over the next few hours. Taylor knows that, per Turner, Brittany’s potentially flipped against her. That, plus a vote, could change her philosophy at final four … but we also don’t think Taylor is a super-emotional player. She’ll probably still want to keep Brittany for final three just because she’s easier to beat. Or, that’s what we would do in this situation. Brittany clearly felt threatened that Taylor was getting too close to Monte and Turner the past couple of days, and that (plus an emotional plea from Alyssa) changed her thinking somewhat.

The only reason Turner would lie

He knows that Brittany can’t keep a secret, and he may tell her at the last second to keep Alyssa to avoid a backlash from Monte. Then, Monte can’t play Head of Household and it’ll be easier to get him out at final four. Turner probably wouldn’t do this, though, since it would make it 100% necessary to win the final HoH or otherwise, he’d be evicted. Turner likes to be safe at all times; it’s a huge part of his game.

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