The Challenge USA final: Why was Angela Rummans disqualified?

The Challenge USA AngelaLast night’s The Challenge USA final had several big moments, but also still controversy. Just ask Angela Rummans.

So what exactly transpired here? Those of you who watched the episode already know some of the story. When presented with a late-night shoveling-themed challenge, she opted to take last place and get a good night’s sleep, thinking that it would benefit her in the morning. However, in the morning she was informed that she was disqualified from the final as a result of her decision. This obviously stirred up a LOT of discussion online, which was accentuated further by the awkward ending to the episode where Sarah basically won by default after none of the other women could complete the final task.

In the end, the big issue with Angela’s exit is this: Was it ever communicated to her in advance that she’d be booted from the final if she sat out this particular task? It doesn’t seem that way. Just check out the screenshot below from her Instagram Stories, where she responds to a discussion on the final / the rules with the caption of “make it make sense.” It does feel more clear now that Angela has a legitimate beef if nothing was ever communicated or even suggested to her when she made this decision.

The bigger surprise to us is that this wasn’t specified at the beginning of the final itself — we understand that in the moment it may be harder to get clarity from production, but there should have been something explicitly stated at the start that you had to complete each part of the final. The only argument against this is that Enzo / Desi didn’t finish the swimming challenge and weren’t able to advance; the same could be said for Angela. You can argue she could have assumed, but this is still on production for not offering clarity.

Suffice it to say, this may be the #1 moment from the finale we’re talking about for a while.

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Angela Rummans

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