The Handmaid’s Tale season 5: Show boss on Alexis Biedel exit

The Handmaid's TaleWe’ve known for a good while now that Alexis Biedel would be leaving The Handmaid’s Tale prior to the start of season 5. Yet, there was still something shocking about how Emily exited the show — she’s back in Gilead. There’s a lot of mystery there and, unfortunately, it remains unclear how many answers we’re going to get.

What’s also interesting to know is that even for the show’s creative team, they had to pivot when they realized that they wouldn’t have Biedel on board the story this time around.

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In a new interview with TV Insider, show executive producer Bruce Miller made it clear that originally, there was a plan to continue to focus on Emily this season. With that, they had to figure out a way to write out the character that made some sense:

It was a surprise to us that — Alexis had conversations with her people and she made a very kind of careful decision, but I didn’t know we were going to lose her this season so I had planned on having her in the season. Because she’s such an important part of the show, she certainly played an essential role, so we had to pivot to move her out of the show in a way that made sense to the character.

And then I think the way we’ve tried to treat her is very much how they treat people who are still in Gilead or lost in Gilead — June doesn’t talk about Janine ever because you can’t picture Janine. Any picture is awful. So I think it’s like a black hole for their memory, and I think for us, it’s almost like they go over an event horizon, there’s no way to get any information back so why worry because there’s no way to know. That’s where they are in terms of Emily.

Of course, we’re going to hold out hope for now that we do see Emily again … but we are afraid that at some point down the road, we’re going to find out she died in Gilead and that’s the end of everything for now.

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