Is Madeline Brewer leaving The Handmaid’s Tale? Is Janine dead?

The Handmaid's Tale JanineIs Janine dead on The Handmaid’s Taleand could Madeline Brewer actually be leaving the show? Season 5 episode 2 may make you wonder.

Close to the end of this second episode, we saw a very-much shocking moment courtesy of both Janine and Esther. At first, the two were seemingly having a conversation about how they could still spend time together, which eating some stowaway chocolates. Then, everything turned on a dime. Esther accused her of using her, said that she hated her, and then both parties started to bleed out. Aunt Lydia came to her aid, but we did not see either character again at the end of the episode.

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Now, let’s go ahead and get into what could be happening here: Esther has a plan (one that involved spiking the chocolates), and we don’t think that it’s one that leads to Janine’s death … or Esther’s own, for that matter. Before the two characters fell unconscious and bloody on the floor, she noted that they were going to “make June proud.” Then came the blood. This could be a plan by her to isolate the two handmaid’s, and then take advantage of this situation to either get revenge or plot an escape — something to form a resistance. This is in line with what we’ve come to know about Esther since her arrival on the show.

So, for now, we wouldn’t worry TOO much about what the future holds for Brewer as a part of the show — and yet, you absolutely should worry about Janine and Esther both. This is a show where terrible things, after all, can happen at any moment.

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