Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Turner, Brittany’s big conversation

Matt Turner Big BrotherGiven that Turner and Brittany are the two people voting this week within the Big Brother 24 house, it made sense they have a chat, right? They are the ones who actually control the vote this week, right?

For those of you who are not aware, Brittany used the Power of Veto earlier, which means that either Taylor or Alyssa will be evicted on Thursday night — and to the shock of no one, it’s going to be Alyssa. Turner knows where the other votes lie, and he’s not going to stick his neck out there for a sinking ship. Turner’s gameplay may at times be frustrating, but there is one thing that is consistent about him: He will follow the numbers and tell people 100% what they want to hear.

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Take, for example, in this conversation with Brittany. While Monte told her over the weekend that the trust between them in the game is broken for good, Turner told her there’s a way they can rebuild — even though he’s aware that she was pitching to get him on the block this week! He said he understands that it’s all just a game and doesn’t hold it against her. This could be huge if Brittany wins the final four veto and can choose to evict either Turner or Monte — we know that Taylor wants Monte in the final three, but will Brittany after all this?

There was some other important info shared in this conversation. Turner made it clear to her that per Michael, she’s not being completely honest with everyone about what she does for a living … but he doesn’t hold that against her and he wants to get to know her more after the game. (Michael said that amidst the chaos in the Double Eviction, and he told other people, as well.) Also, he asked that she keep it quiet that he’s voting out Alyssa until he gets to be the one to tell her.

Brittany is now talking to Alyssa, who is doing her best to campaign — and yea, she’s already running scenarios suggesting that no one else wants to vote for her. She’s not outing Turner’s info per se, but she’s already walking up to that line. (Oh, Brittany…)

Goodbye, backyard?

This may be the final night that the houseguests get it this season — we’ll see about that. For now, they’ve all done their best to take it all in and embrace it. We joke a lot about this show, but we can’t imagine how strange a surreal a moment it has to be for the people left.

What do you think we’ll see campaign-wise overnight in the Big Brother 24 house?

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