The Blacklist season 10 premiere spoilers: Is Wujing back?

The BlacklistFor those of you who wanted a nice dose of action early on with The Blacklist season 10, we come bearing great news!

In a new post on Instagram (see below), actor Chin Han seemingly confirmed his return to the NBC show as Wujing for the upcoming premiere. Should this be a surprise? Hardly. Remember that the character (a Blacklister from the early days of season 1) was handed a list of criminals from Marvin Gerard, further evidence that Raymond Reddington was a criminal informant for the FBI all of these years. Wujing will have a major axe to grind with the criminal mastermind, as he completely duped him so many years ago and is responsible for his arrest.

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We know from Wujing’s first appearance that he is a dangerous and resourceful foe, and the sort of guy who could easily reach out to other Blacklisters to form some sort of anti-Reddington movement. Who knows? Maybe he could bust some others out of prison? It remains to be seen if Han’s character will be a Big Bad for all of season 10, but he certainly factors big-time into the opening story. We’ve wondered for a while if we are starting off the season with an episode titled “Wujing: Conclusion.” there is still no confirmation on that, but it is an idea that we’re circling.

Production on The Blacklist season 10 kicked off last week in New York; there is no premiere date yet, but we’re anticipating something in early 2023. If you missed it, the show IS taking advantage of some top-tier locations; you can read more about that over at this link.

What would you want to see from Wujing through the early days of The Blacklist season 10?

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