Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Brittany’s pitch to Monte (day 68)

Brittany Hoopes Big BrotherAt some point before the Veto Ceremony in the Big Brother 24 house, we assumed that Brittany was going to make some sort of move in the game. Even though she has the Veto and she’s safe, there is still something she wants to see happen this week: Getting Turner on the block and out of the gate.

So what are the odds of this happening? We don’t want to be overly dramatic here or anything, but it feels like they’re pretty close to zero. She did try to make a pitch alongside Taylor to Monte this evening, one where she argued that Turner should go out and the three could be a really tight unit moving forward. Getting Turner out would probably garner some respect with the jury, but Monte also raised a big question: How does getting Turner out this week actually help his game? He views Turner as a shield who would probably be voted out next week over him, whereas if he’s gone, Monte becomes a bigger target. It’s hard to argue with his logic.

Also, in general Monte has a lot of reasons to have distrust with Brittany due to all of her deal-making, and her plea for him to trust her wasn’t one that produced all that much of an impact at all. Instead, he was frustrated that she doesn’t trust him and what he’s trying to do; he feels like he keeps having to prove it to people more than anyone else in the house.

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While Monte did say at one point in all of this that he would think about the pitch, it was clear from his body language alone that he wasn’t doing it. (He’s going to nominate Taylor, and Alyssa will be evicted this week.) He’s been mad at Brittany for days over her gameplay, and he even brought up in the conversation again today how she and Michael waited for weeks to talk about Kyle’s comments in the game. She tried to counter by saying that there was never a good time to say it and that it would always look suspicious to bring it up … but Monte doesn’t believe that and never will.

The big problem that Brittany and Michael have had with their arguments is them claiming that outing Kyle’s comments did not help their game, when it actually got Kyle on the block when he wouldn’t have been up there otherwise.

The big summary of the conversation

Monte is pretty much done with Brittany on a game level (he blatantly told her he doesn’t trust her), while Taylor feels caught in the middle of everything. Monte had a lot of great arguments and points to counter much of what Brittany proposed, but him telling her it was wrong to bring up having kids as a reason to win the money came across as condescending. She wasn’t even talking about winning — second place would get her that money! We just think that anyone should be allowed to talk about what they want with the prize.

If you’re Brittany, at this point you just gotta focus on winning comps. She and Taylor could do it, but it’s not going to be easy. She should just realize that Monte is 100% a lost cause; we’re surprised that he was as blunt as he was in this conversation, but he’s held a lot in for a while.

What do you think is going to come out of this Big Brother 24 conversation, if anything?

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