Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Final five nominations (day 66)

Big BrotherThe final five nominations are officially in from the Big Brother 24 house — so what is there to say about them? This could prove to be a fascinating week!

First, a quick little refresher here: Monte won the late-night Head of Household competition after the Double Eviction, which kept most of the houseguests up until the wee hours of the morning. Before he went to bed, though, the new HoH made it clear his intention was to nominate Alyssa and Brittany, with the intention being to eventually take Alyssa out of the game. While Brittany may have frustrated more people over the past several days, she’s not much of a jury threat — Alyssa has a lot of friends over there and while she doesn’t have much game to speak of, sitting against her at the end could be a dicey proposition.

With the ceremony now over, Alyssa and Brittany have to face the possibility that one of them could join the jury on Thursday.

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One of the big things to consider here is where the week goes from here, since a LOT of this could prove fascinating. We know that Turner’s close with Alyssa, so what if he wins the Veto and takes her down? Then Taylor automatically goes up and with Turner and Alyssa voting, they could take her out. Meanwhile, if Taylor wins the Veto, she could take down Brittany and force Turner on the block; from there, she and Brittany could vote Turner out. This is a week where almost anything could happen and so much could depend heavily on what happens tomorrow. Typically the final four Veto has some sort of memory component; this competition, meanwhile, we could be all sorts of things.

So if you’re Alyssa and Brittany, what do you do? Spend most of the night lobbying for people to use the Veto on you! Alyssa needs to sell Turner hard on the idea, whereas Brittany has to look squarely in the direction of Taylor. If Monte wants nominations to remain the same, he’s not someone to look at as much.

What do you think about these nominations within Big Brother 24?

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