‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 spoilers: Finn Jones talks future for Loras Tyrell

Game of ThronesIf you have read already the George R.R. Martin novels in A Song of Ice and Fire, then you already pretty well aware of the fact that there are quite a few developments ahead for Loras Tyrell. So with that in mind, isn’t it nice to see actor Finn Jones speak out a little bit on what is coming up on “Game of Thrones” season 3, even though he did not spell out every event that is coming up for his character.

In a new interview with Flicks and the City (which has a remarkable talent for scoring interviews with various actors from the HBO series in unusual locales), Jones said that he would like to see a confrontation between Loras and Brienne about Renly (who they are both very tied to) at some point in the series, and he is also looking forward to some scenes alongside Jaime Lannister. In some ways this seems inevitable, especially considering that his sister Margaery is now tied closely to none other than King Joffrey.

Away from the realm of spoilers and speculation, Jones also discusses what he likes about playing the character of Loras so much, including some of his subtle innocence and the fact that he is one of the few characters in the series that actually seems to be a fairly honorable guy with good intentions.

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In case you haven’t heard (or have been locked in one of those jail cells without a wall), “Game of Thrones” season 3 premieres on HBO on Sunday, March 31.

Photo: HBO

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