The Witcher season 3 premiere date: Is summer feasible?

The WitcherAre you waiting to get The Witcher season 3 premiere date over on Netflix? Well, you’re like the majority of people out there then.

We know that production is very much in the thick of things right now, and they are working to create the best overall product possible. There is SO much to be excited for this season. The writers have gotten a lot of feedback as to what worked the most in the first two seasons, and we expect things tilted more and more towards that the rest of the way. Brace yourselves for a lot of action, but also some interesting surprises and an opportunity to immerse more in the relationships. These characters are what actually make the show help, even if the budget and the world certainly go a long way.

The unfortunate draw back to a show this big is, unfortunately, the fact that we’ve gotta wait a long time between seasons. Season 2 came out late last year, and it feels fair to assume we’re not getting season 3 this year. As a matter of fact, it feels unrealistic to think that we’ll be getting it early next year, either. Even once filming is done, there’s a good bit of post-production work that has to be done — also, Netflix needs to have all of the episodes done at the same time.

If we had to wager an educated guess, summer seems to make the most sense from the outside looking in. To be specific, we’d eye the period of time right around when Stranger Things came out with its episodes, whether it be late May, June, or July. Netflix can grab a TON of the market at that point, and it makes some sense to use one of their bigger shows in order to do that. Why not go for The Witcher?

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What are you most hoping to see when it comes to The Witcher season 3, especially in terms of a premiere date?

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