Big brother 24 live feed spoilers: Brittany exposed? (day 63)

Brittany Hoopes Big Brother

Even though things on the Big Brother 24 live feeds were incredibly quiet for most of the day, all of that changed tonight. Brittany has been playing an extremely slopping, chaotic game ever since she realized that she’d be most people’s backup target next week if they can’t get Michael out. Because of that, she’s scrambled — almost to the point where she could become a primary target.

Would someone really take her out still over Michael? We have a hard time seeing that, but we certainly don’t think there’s going to be a lot of interest in taking her to the final three if she can’t be trusted in any scenario.

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The drama mostly started tonight when Turner and Alyssa compared some notes, and Turner made it clear to her that Brittany is making deals with every single person in the house and hoping that they don’t talk. Brittany also claimed to Alyssa that Turner was fighting to send her home, which he denied. (Technically, Alyssa read that info wrong; Brittany said effectively that Turner could be open to it, but she heard what she heard there.) Later, Monte and Alyssa talked about Brittany’s change in behavior as of late, and then Monte and Turner both talked with Taylor about it. They’ve all realized that Brittany is just telling them what they want to hear so she’s 100% safe.

Turner eventually relayed some of what was going on to Michael, who has to be really frustrated at this point. Brittany has put an even bigger target on the two of them, though in general the house is a dog chasing its own tail at the moment. Everyone is promising each other safety (save for Taylor telling Turner he could be on the block, but not as a target), and everyone is having an increasingly hard time figuring out where they stand.

What do we know at the moment about the vote?

While Taylor is clearly absorbing some of the info Terrance told her earlier, we still think he’s leaving the game. There will be waffles and second-guessing, but most people are talking in their plans for next week as though Alyssa will still be there. We have to rely on that for now; meanwhile, Monte is just giving Terrance hope so he looks like the good guy and gets the jury vote.

What do you think is going to happen to Brittany in Big Brother 24 after all of this?

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