Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Early vote flip-flopping! (day 62)

Matt Turner Big BrotherWe are still three days away from the next Big Brother 24 eviction show and yet, we already are seeing the houseguests second-guess every decision.

Earlier today at the Veto Ceremony, Michael decided to not use his PoV on either Terrance or Alyssa, guaranteeing the one of the two of them will go to jury. Since that time, there’s been rampant paranoia about everything from a women’s alliance to a Turner / Brittany final two to Brittany reverting back to an early-game version of herself who was constantly getting herself in trouble.

Then, there were the debates over the vote. Remember that Brittany, Taylor, Turner, and Monte are the four people in control, with Michael holding the tiebreaker (remember, he wants Terrance gone). Turner’s not going to evict Alyssa; meanwhile, Monte would probably prefer Alyssa goes. Taylor has been super-frustrated with Terrance and yet, earlier today she pondered to the live feeds if she could get out Alyssa this week, Michael next, and then end up with Terrance and Brittany at final three. There’s no question she’d beat both of them at the end, but the odds of that happening are really low.

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Earlier this evening, the four people voting got together and had a lengthy discussion and, at least for now, the plan remains that Terrance will leave on Thursday. It would take Brittany, Monte, and Taylor all getting on board with evicting Alyssa for this to happen, and Brittany would be the hardest sell of the group. (Sure, in theory you could try Turner, but why would he jump? He can say that he’s willing to be flexible, but we’ll believe it when we see it.)

The debate for now comes down to this: Terrance is a bigger threat than Alyssa in terms of winning competitions, and that is why he’s being targeted. However, there’s also a real awareness that Alyssa is a bigger threat at the end of the game. She’ll have some jury votes despite playing a really passive game. The group “consensus” is that Alyssa will be next, but this is just what they’re telling each other — if Michael is vulnerable, he’ll be a goner.

There were so many things hilarious about the former Leftovers (Michael eventually got involved in this as well) all getting back together for a meeting. First, there were all the little lies they were telling each other to look like they were all on the same page. Then, there was Alyssa turning up awkwardly at the very end, realizing immediately what was going on in there, and looking very much dejected.

As of right now, there’s a Labor Day party going on in the house — feeds are down for that.

What do you think the Big Brother 24 players should do entering Thursday’s eviction?

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