House of the Dragon season 1 episode 3: Is Crabfeeder dead?

CrabfeederThis week HBO brought us House of the Dragon season 1 episode 3, an hour-plus that may very well be the strongest thing the series has produced so far. There was a lot of political upheaval going on back at King’s Landing, and that’s before we even got out to the Stepstones and the site of Daemon Targeryan’s big battle.

So what did we see here? There is absolutely so much to unpack, but a lot of it begins and ends with the Crabfeeder and an act of major deception by Matt Smith’s Daemon Targeryan.

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No matter what era you’re in, apparently there is one strategy that still works — acting like you’re going to surrender when in reality, you’re doing nothing of the sort. Daemon pulled this off wonderfully, luring Crabfeeder into a false sense of security before going completely berserk all over him. This entire battle scene was built off so much chaotic energy and in a way, it’s hilarious that it was all based on Daemon getting a letter from his brother saying he was going to send down additional forces. He refused to let him get any credit for it!

Daemon is now a war hero in a sense, as he did precisely what he set out to do. Unfortunately, though, we do lose a villain who had untapped potential. Sure, we knew almost next to nothing about Crabfeeder, but he looked cool! We like to think that this goes a long way.

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