Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Terrance ‘exposes’ Dyre Fest

Terrance Higgins Big BrotherGiven that tomorrow marks the Veto Ceremony within the Big Brother 24 house, it only makes sense that Terrance start to campaign. Or, do whatever it is he thinks is campaigning at this point.

The real truth here is that Terrance doesn’t have many viable angles to work his game. There are only seven people in the house right now, and that means that Monte, Turner, Brittany, and Taylor are the four who vote if nominations stay the same. How do any of those people benefit keeping Terrance over Alyssa? Monte may have more of a relationship with Terrance, but that’s one person and Head of Household Michael has the tiebreaker vote. (He won Veto, but he isn’t planning to use it.)

So what can Terrance really do? Well, for starters, he went to Taylor today and exposed a lot of what really happened at Dyre Fest, making it clear that Joseph was an easy scapegoat and that a lot of the stuff he supposedly did just wasn’t true. That gives Taylor some relief, but not really anything more than that. Terrance also still lied for weeks, and do we have to remind anyone that he entertained keeping Kyle in the game over Taylor? That in itself should give her no reason to want anything to do with him moving forward.

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While Terrance is doing this, Alyssa is actively trying to schmooze Michael and Brittany, and has talked about the idea of a final four with the two of them plus Taylor. Even if she doesn’t mean it, that’s the sort of thing you gotta promise at this point. It’s also something Michael may entertain over going to the final four with Monte, who is a bigger threat in competitions. Alyssa’s biggest strength in the game right now is, ironically, her weakness. She’s been bad in a lot of comps and her biggest “moves” have been exposing alliances when she shouldn’t have. Her discussing the Old Skool alliance to Kyle is one of the reasons why The Leftovers came together in the first place.

Today will probably be spent with a lot of discussions about positioning, but we’d be shocked if there’s such a significant change the night before the Veto Ceremony.

Do you think there’s anything that Terrance can do in the Big Brother 24 house at this point?

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