Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Week 9 Veto preview! (day 60)

Alyssa Snider Big BrotherThe week 9 Power of Veto Competition is coming later today in the Big Brother 24 house — so what can we say about it now?

We should begin here, of course, by handing out all of the official details. Michael won Head of Household late Thursday (prior to Zingbot turning up), and he chose to nominate Terrance and Alyssa for eviction. Terrance was immediately salty about it, and has spent the past 16 or so hours ripping into Michael’s game and saying that he will work to taint the jury against him and Brittany over when they decided to come clean about Kyle’s comments. We think that Michael and Brittany expected some backlash when they revealed it last week, but they were clearly thinking more about short-term implications (getting Kyle out and saving Taylor) than they were the potential impact on the jury.

For the record, Michael and Brittany should be questioned for their decision to speak up when they did, as opposed to not talking about it when it first happened — still, Terrance wanted to keep Kyle potentially over Taylor for game reasons, so he can’t be that shocked that Michael and Brittany spoke up when they did for the sake of their game.

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Getting back to the Veto…

Everyone other than Turner is playing today, which in a different week, would be really bad news for him. Michael and Brittany have already lamented earlier today that they can’t target him this week, largely because of his choice to nominate Kyle. He may still get nominated as a replacement nominee, though, and who’s to say what happens if he goes on the block? We know that Michael doesn’t want the Veto used, mostly because sending Turner out this week would be a really bad look. It’d say to the jury that he was using Turner to get out Kyle, and then was happy to discard him after the fact.

Terrance remains the target for this week, but Brittany did suggest earlier that Alyssa would be a better person “socially” to take out this week. We do think it’s true that she and Turner are pretty tight; she’s not a good player by any means, but there is no denying that she has friends on the jury in Indy, Jasmine, and Kyle.

Terrance threatens Michael over his jury vote … again

That is still happening, for those wondering. The two had a chat in the HoH room about it, and once again about the timing of Michael / Brittany outing Kyle. All this will most likely do is make Michael more intent on getting Terrance out.

Update: Veto winner revealed!

Head over here to learn about that and more.

What do you think is going to happen with the Veto Competition today in Big Brother 24?

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