‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ preview: Phillip creates new ‘Stealth R Us’

Phillip SheppardCan an alliance really be “stealth” if over half of your tribe is involved in it? This is clearly a theory that Phillip Sheppard is putting to the test on “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites” Wednesday night, as evidenced in the latest preview below.

One of the ironic things about this “Stealth R Us” alliance from “Survivor: Redemption Island” is if we remember this correctly, the original one consisted of Phillip, Boston Rob Mariano, and Grant Mattos. Also, Phillip and Rob ended up voting Grant out of this alliance right before Andrea returned from Redemption Island. Nonetheless, this is his opportunity to create funny nicknames for all of his fellow tribe members in an effort to make himself feel special.

Just in case you missed out on some of these nicknames in the premiere, here they are for you:

Malcolm – The Enforcer

Andrea – The Elimator

Corinne – The Dominatrix

Dawn – True Grit

Cochran – Something involving intelligence that we don’t know how to spell

What’s his endgame here with all of this? Phillip is obviously playing up his character to come across as non-threatening, which is something that worked very well for him the first time around since he was never a person that anyone felt the need to vote out then. However, he is trying to marry that this time with being the leader of an alliance at the same time, and we are not quite sure that this is going to end up working out for him. While you can make fun of Phillip all you want, he does have a good track record of keeping alliances together; and with that in mind, you have to think that someone will want to get him out of the game just to divide and conquer a little bit.

Outside of crazy nicknames, this new promo also features an appearance from Brandon Hantz calling the former federal agent “Special Agent Pink Panther” … which is probably the only intentionally-funny thing Brandon has ever said.

Looking for our contestant rankings? We’ll have them up tomorrow for the Favorites, and then Monday for the fans in an effort to go in-depth with each tribe a little bit better. You can also check out our interview with the recently-eliminated Francesca Hogi over at the link here.

Photo: CBS

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