‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Sean Lowe meets Desiree Hartsock’s ‘ex’ (video)

DesireeOh, “The Bachelor” and your tricky editors. If you were to watch the video below from Monday night’s episode without any sort of context whatsoever, then you would probably think that Sean Lowe is about to receive one of the worst surprises of his entire life: contestant Desiree Hartsock’s ex is actually still in the picture, and also seemingly still willing to literally fight for her.

For about a few seconds here (especially when we first saw it at the start of the season), we legitimately started to think as though Sean was going to put his dukes up and fight this guy. And who knows? Maybe this is what happens, or the guy just runs off and Des has a talk about it with Sean.

However, we’re betting that there is something fishy going on here, mostly because if “The Bachelor” really had that sort of drama coming up, they would have probably hyped it up so much more than they have. (Take as evidence what they did with Rozlyn Papa or Justin “Rated R” Rego.) Ultimately, we think that this is probably just Desiree’s way of messing with Sean, which he surely needs considering what he did to her back on their first date earlier this season. After all, it would be awfully coincidental for the ex to know the tiny window in which Sean was going to be in town, and then to show up at that point and get himself cleared to be on-camera.

At the end of the day, we know already that this is actually not Sean really has to worry himself over when it comes to Desiree’s hometown date. After all, he also has Desiree’s combative brother, who really seems to want nothing more than ensuring that she and Sean do not end up together.

What do you think about this video: is it a funny prank, or is there something more sinister going on here? We want to hear some more of your thoughts below, and you can see where Desiree fits in our contestant rankings over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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