‘Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen’ finale review: Did Kristen Kish, Lizzie Binder win?

Top Chef: SeattleFor the final episode of the season, “Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen” featured what has to be without a doubt its best face-off of the season. All three of the chefs remaining were there for entirely different reasons, and also bring very different cooking styles to the table. You had Kristen Kish (the reigning champion), Joshua Valentine (the recently-eliminated chef), and even the Save-a-Chef winner in Lizzie Binder all fighting for their lives. Before we start here, we do have to say that it is rather interesting that about three or four weeks ago, we were worried about all of the returning chefs still technically being in the game. Now, all five of the chefs with a shot at winning the title going into this week were all newbies.

The challenge for Tom Colicchio’s competition in the final week was pretty simple: cook something worthy of making your way back into the competition. No matter who ends up winning, they will deserve it, and we are actually far happier with this “winner enters the finale” twist than we once were. Why? We originally assumed that whoever won this challenge would immediately get the chance to be declared the winner, but we now at least know that there is at least one more elimination coming up before the final two. We just would have found it strange to see the winner come straight back onto the show, and then end up getting the grand prize.

So who is it going to be? Of course, Tom’s not going to give us that answer until the episode airs! Based solely on the edit alone, seeing Kristen compete again would probably be the most rewarding: her elimination was the most controversial, and time and time again she has proven herself here by beating some great chefs (including Lizzie once) along with every single returning chef in this competition.

Regardless of who comes back, they are all going to struggle against the machine that is Brooke Williamson. (Sheldon Simeon, meanwhile, has struggled as of late.)

who are you rooting for to re-enter the game, and do you think that any of them have a legitimate shot at winning? We will have our full rankings for the “Top Chef” finale up on Monday, and for now you can read our full review of Wednesday’s episode at the link here.

Photo: Bravo

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