House of the Dragon season 1 episode 3 photo: Aegon’s arrival

House of the DragonThere are of course a few things to know and remember entering House of the Dragon season 1 episode 3 on HBO this Sunday. What’s one of the bigger ones? That’s pretty simple in the arrival of Aegon Targeryan into this world.

It’s clear just based on the photo above / the promo, if you haven’t seen it already, that there is another time jump entering this episode … and this one is pretty significant. King Viserys has already made his intention clear to (rather reluctantly) marry Alicent Hightower. He recognizes that there is a demand for a male heir, and despite his love for Rhaenyra and his confidence that she could be a worthy ruler on the Iron Throne, he recognizes that there are traditions he cannot shy away from.

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With all of this in mind, we are going to see a young Aegon Targeryan in this episode. This could be the future king of Westeros and, naturally, Alicent will do whatever it takes to protect him. This brings about tension, largely because she was once Rhaenyra’s best friend; now, she is working to stand in the way of her getting the throne. How she reacts to this could be a significant part of what you see over the course of this episode, which could span a period of time in its own right.

Is there going to be a point where House of the Dragon starts to slow down its pacing? Maybe once we see Emma D’Arcy come on board as Rhaenyra, we’ll be there — we just haven’t arrived to that point yet.

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What do you most want to see on House of the Dragon season 1 episode 3 when it arrives?

What do you think Rhaenyra is going to do following the arrival of Aegon into the world? Be sure to share right now in the comments! (Photo: HBO.)

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