Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Did Alyssa & Kyle ‘break up’?

Alyssa Snider Big BrotherWhat is Big Brother 24 going to do without having some sort of romance package on their show? Well, they’re going to have to figure it out.

According to a conversation between Alyssa and Brittany on feeds earlier, Alyssa and Kyle are now done — not really much of a surprise, but still. She also noted that she had a “special person” back home, which goes along with what Joseph was saying a little bit earlier on in the season. Alyssa noted that when you’re locked in this house for so long, it becomes your reality … and that can lead to your other reality fading away. We do tend to think that the incident with Kyle from the past few days (you know, his anti-Cookout alliance conversation being outed) woke her up to consider the reality outside of the game.

Is it possible Alyssa lied to Brittany? We suppose … but that’d make no real sense she’d find out after the fact thanks to the feeds. She is still talking to Kyle, but that doesn’t meant much of anything.

Update! Well, at close to 10:00 tonight (Big Brother Time) Alyssa told Turner that they didn’t officially break up, but she told him that she can be a friend to him right now and that’s about it. Who knows what’s going on here and our brain hurts thinking about it.

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Okay, enough romantic drama — we don’t like to write about that stuff, anyway. Kyle is 100% going to jury on Thursday, largely because Monte deems it so. Terrance floated the idea to him earlier about keeping Kyle so he could “grow” within the house, but there’s zero way that he is going to sign up for that. Monte, Michael, and Brittany are the votes to send Kyle out and nothing else matters. Monte did tell Taylor tonight about what Terrance said earlier, and it gives the two of them another reason not to trust him. Based on assorted conversations, it does seem as though Big Brochella could actually stay together for at least another week or so, at least until Terrance is out. After that, the game could start to flip again.

It does feel as though several houseguests were serious, though, when they said that they have no intention of nominating Turner next week. It’s not something that he asked for in exchange for nominating Kyle, but he has appreciated the additional safety.

Will things quiet down the next couple of days?

Most likely, largely because there’s not much need for campaigning this week. There’s nothing that Kyle can say to get votes, and Taylor doesn’t need to do much to campaign. It’s mostly just about looking towards the next several days.

What are you expecting over the next few days in the Big Brother 24 house?

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