Power Book IV: Force season 2 premiere date: February hopes

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Even though we’re in the midst of Raising Kanan right now, that isn’t stopping us from diving into Power Book IV: Force season 2. Why wouldn’t it? The Joseph Sikora series is coming back in the new year, and it is really a matter of when.

So what are we looking towards right now with the show? We honestly don’t think things are going to be that complicated here, though Starz could certainly find a way to surprise us.

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There’s a lot of you out there who have probably heard the phrase already “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That almost applies 100% to what we are seeing here. Starz has a great thing going when it comes to Force at the moment, primarily in that they air it shortly after Power Book II: Ghost and it allows it to retain some momentum. We got a winter start to season 1, so why wouldn’t we get the same thing here? Production was structured in a way where this would be possible, and it is what we are looking and charting towards right now. If we didn’t get the show by early March, we’d be a little bit bummer down. Our real hope is February.

Of course, we do think the network is going to take their time revealing more news, largely because they can. There is fundamentally no real reason for them to rush anything else along, so be prepared to have to exercise a good bit of patience here while we wait for some other news to be revealed. We’ll consider ourselves lucky if we get to know something more when we get around to the end of the year. Just get set for more action in season 2 and higher stakes than ever before.

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What do you most want to see right now when it comes to Power Book IV: Force season 2?

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