Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Will Turner nominate Kyle?

Matt Turner Big BrotherSuffice it to say, a lot has happened today in Big Brother 24 — this is one of the more eventful days of the season, and also one that the show can’t shy away from when the Veto episode airs on Wednesday.

For those who are out of the loop, here’s a super-fast recap: Head of Household Turner on Friday chose to nominate Brittany and Taylor and on Saturday, Michael won the Veto. It is a foregone conclusion that he will save Brittany and today, the two of them deciding to spill the beans on information they’ve had for a while — and honestly, something they should have shared the moment they heard about it. Prior to the split house, Kyle floated the idea of forming an alliance of white houseguests to curtain another Cookout alliance from forming — even though there was zero evidence of this all season.

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If you missed it, earlier today we wrote about how the entirety of the house found out over the course of time. Taylor and Monte were the first to hear about it, and after that Michael and Brittany told Alyssa. Monte told Terrance, Michael / Brittany told Turner, and eventually Alyssa indicated what was going on to Kyle. He eventually went to the Diary Room and has been in there for a while.

At first, Turner seemed resistant to the idea of nominating Kyle even after hearing all of this. Why? He’s so indoctrinated on this dumb idea that whoever targets Taylor ends up going home the next week. That’s not because of her having some sort of mystical power; it’s just because some of them were bad players. It’s also not accurate. Daniel targeted Taylor week one, and it was weeks before we saw her leave the game. Jasmine nominated Taylor week 2 and she didn’t go out until this past Thursday.

Yet, Turner did tell the cameras after multiple conversations that Kyle (who he previously had a final two with) may be doing more harm than good for his game. It does seem, at least for now, like he’s going to nominate him. Do we still have suspicions about him wanting out Taylor first? Sure, but we can’t imagine in any universe that Taylor goes over Kyle given everything that has happened.

Be prepared for a little more feed downtime the next few hours; there is a LOT to be sorted out and we’re not even sure how much info production will let us see along the way.

Do you think Kyle could self-evict before Thursday’s Big Brother 24 even happens?

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