Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 episode 4 promo: The aftermath

Power Book III Raising KananNext week on Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 episode 4, there’s a lot of stuff you’ll be left to think about. Take, first and foremost, how Kanan is going to react to the latest news.

The first question to think about here is pretty darn simple: Is he going to believe that Howard told him? He had his doubts in the first conversation about him being his father, but two things were different about that second convo. First and foremost, Howard making it clear he remembers everything, including that Kanan was the one who shot him. Also, that conversation with Raq where she talked about Scrap’s death. It may be a different subject entirely, but it’s a reminder to this character that she’s keeping things from him on the regular. He may be young, but he’s not dumb; Kanan can figure things out.

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The promo below for “Pay the Toll” focuses on a ton of different stuff, from everything we’ve laid out here so far to a number of other questions. Take, for starters, whether Raq is coming into conflict with a new group of people 100% separate from Unique or any other rivals in the past. You’ve also got Detective Burke doing some digging, and it 100% feels like she’s going to get herself in some trouble before the season is over.

One other question we’re thinking a lot about right now relates to Unique himself. He may have negotiated “peace” in this weekend’s episode, but who thinks that he’s actually going to hold true to that? It just feels unlikely based on everything we know about him.

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