Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Who won the Veto, week 8?

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Who won the Veto today in the Big Brother 24 house? It shouldn’t come as a shock, but the stakes were sky-high here.

For those who need a quick recap of where things stand at present, here’s what you need to know: Turner is Head of Household, and he stuck with the After Party alliance from outside the house. With that, he nominated Taylor and Brittany, with the plan being to get out Michael if he doesn’t win the Veto. The bad news for Turner was that Michael did get drawn to play alongside Monte and Alyssa; Kyle did not get picked and was salty about it after the fact. (Kyle is the ultimate example of maturity — oh wait, we’re being sarcastic here.)

There was speculation that this would be a Zingbot Veto just because we haven’t had one yet, but there wasn’t much buildup on it in advance. The only thing that frustrated us was having to wait SO long for this to happen; it didn’t even start until around 7:30 Big Brother time!

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So who ended up getting the all-important power this time around? Well, it was Michael — again! This is going to make the After Party so angry, and it is another reminder that really, he’s going to have to find a way to keep winning since he is SO big of a target.

Where things could get really messy here is that he will 100% use it, but for who? If he does save Brittany, someone will go up against Taylor. If it’s Monte (and it most likely is), he could end up going. We do wonder, though, if Turner will want to protect his three-person version of The Pound in the City Council (Turner, Monte, and Kyle) and nominate Terrance, thinking Monte will vote out Taylor. Also, there’s a chance that Michael and Brittany work overtime to expose some of what Kyle said about a cookout 2.0, and that could lead to some big-time drama over the next 36 hours.

On the flip side, Michael did tell Taylor earlier he would potentially use it on her. (Granted, he also told Brittany he was going to tell Taylor this.) If he does save Taylor for whatever reason, he might think that Monte would be evicted over Brittany since he’s a bigger threat — and that leaves his final three intact. That’s a huge risk, though, for his game.

The competition was a variation of the classic slip-and-slide; it doesn’t appear as though Zingbot was in attendance.

What do you think about the veto winner in Big Brother 24 today?

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