‘Suits’ season 2 finale spoilers: Is Mike ready to tell the truth?

Suits“Suits” has been a slow build throughout most of season 2, but on Sunday night, the USA series is going to be coming to a close for a few months with an episode that can really be best described with one word: combative. Everything that has been simmering will slowly and surely start to boil, and we are talking about a spectrum that includes everyone from Jessica to Mike.

First, let’s talk about the firm as a whole: a British firm is going to make a pretty interesting offer to Pearson Hardman, and it is going to put both Harvey and Jessica at odds as to what the future of their business should be. Is one of the issues here perhaps the fact that Mike is not really a lawyer? It’s possible, mostly since that has been an issue thus far more times than we can really count.

What may be even more shocking at the moment is Jessica’s warning to Mike, and then two words from Harvey towards him that we never wanted to hear: “you’re fired.” This is a good who cheated the system, and despite doing some good deeds since, is about to lose everything.  Is he really going to stand to lose Rachel to? At the moment, this is the moment that everyone has been waited to see. Mike has been so afraid to reveal his secret to her out of fear of what it will do to their relationship and his career, but in this moment, he may have no other choice since he really does not have that much to lose anymore.

Overall, what do you want to see happen in the finale? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can watch a clip from this past episode of “Suits” over at the link here.

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