‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ preview: Brandon Hantz goes insane

Brandon HantzAre you surprised at all about the title above concerning next week’s “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites” episode? You really shouldn’t be. However, there is a major difference between Brandon Hantz going crazy on the “South Pacific” season of the show over Mikayla and her bikini, and the Brandon Hantz that is about to go crazy all over the Philippines.

Basically, we are about to see Brandon in a situation that he never really felt the entire time he was in the game last time: in trouble. Remember, he was a part of a huge five-person alliance that really dominated the entire game, and even when he was sent home, he felt 100% confident that he was not going to be heading off the island. (You can watch a preview for the meltdown here.)

So this time, his tantrum apparently will include some sort of Russell Hantz tactics, which include making everyone around the camp miserable and possibly destroying stuff. Will this really work for the guy? We’re not quite so sure. The reason that Russell got away with a lot of the stuff he pulled was because he was constantly pulling out immunity idols, and the players (particularly in “Heroes vs. Villains”) were smart enough to realize that this is the sort of guy that needed to be next to at the end. While Brandon has a similar sort of ideal goat status to him, you have to make it that far; and while Russell was evil, you never once questioned his stability in the same way that you question Brandon.

At the moment, Brandon, Erik, and Brenda all have the target on themselves as castaways who voted to send home Andrea. Can they turn it around? Sure, since this is not “South Pacific” and this alliance is probably not going to last forever. However, Brandon may be digging himself too bit of a hole early that he cannot recover.

Below, you can check out a secret scene from the premiere focusing on Francesca. You can read our full interview with her, along with some of our other “Survivor” headlines, by visiting the story here.

Photo: CBS

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