Animal Kingdom series finale promo: Who could die?

Animal KingdomNext week on TNT the Animal Kingdom series finale is here … and we absolutely have a feeling that things are going to end in violence.

Last night, the network unveiled a first-look promo for the final episode and while it didn’t give a TON away, let’s just say it did enough. We know that the Cody Boys are going to do what they can to rescue Pope, and everything may culminate in an epic shootout. We know that Deran and Craig in particular have a plan to get to the other side of the world … but are they really going to get that chance?

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What is so effective about this promo to us is the great sense of misdirection it gives us. After all, you can spend a good bit of time watching this and assuming that the story is going to go one way. However, there’s still the specter of J hiding underneath the surface. Remember that at the end of episode 12 he siphoned all of the cash out of the family’s trust account, allowing him the power to do whatever he wants and leave his uncles with nothing. They may not even realize it until it’s too late! This is what makes this finale so exciting: You’ve got the one big story with the prison break, but then also something else lurking underneath the surface.


In the end, let’s just cross our fingers and hope that this story brings to us all of the violence and drama you could ever want.

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What are you preparing yourself for now when it comes to the Animal Kingdom series finale?

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