Gossip Girl season 2 premiere date: The uncertain future

Gossip GirlWhat is going on right now when it comes a Gossip Girl season 2 premiere date over at HBO Max? Are there reasons to curious or concerned?

Let’s start off with this: We understand anyone being nervous about a show streaming on HBO Max these days. This is a place that has canceled a wide array of programs; heck, they’ve removed many from their platform entirely. There seems to be one priority that new parent company Warner Bros. Discovery has above all others, and it is cutting costs.

Now that we’ve said all of that, there’s no reason to sound an immediate alarm over the Gossip Girl reboot’s future. Season 2 filmed this year in both New York City and Italy, and it seems as though much of the cast is done already with their on-set work. Sure, some of these episodes still need to be edited together, but at the very least don’t be worried about whether or not these episodes are going to air. Most of the live-action original programming at HBO Max has been safe so far, at least in terms of the stuff not geared towards kids. Season 2 will air, as there’s already been a lot of hype for it; there is no premiere date yet, but it feels to bank on it being around at some point this fall.

The real concern at the moment comes down to whether or not there will be a season 3, and that is a question that is near impossible to answer at this point. While HBO Max may be interested in cutting down costs wherever they can, they’re not going to end a show that is delivering huge viewership and subscriber numbers; in other words, one that turns a pretty big profit. If Gossip Girl does that, it should be able to keep going. Its chief concern right now is that shooting in New York is never all that cheap.

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