‘King of the Nerds’ episode 5 review: Did Virgil lead Ivan down a path of destruction?

King of the NerdsFor tonight’s challenge on “King of the Nerds”, the hosts tell the nerds that one person has to sit out because it’s a 3×3 challenge, so Joshua volunteers to sit out.  The challenge is a Sudoku game as well as a cube game, which is perfect for Celeste and Moogega.  While Moogega excels at Suduko, because she has the other team mates trying to get their two cents in, it’s making the challenge more difficult for her.  After the orange team calls it and gets it wrong they have to start from scratch and the blue team gets the advantage and wins the nerd war.

The blue team’s reward is to enjoy a day in a flight simulator  ,and on their day out they talk about who they want to take out and they all agree on Ivan.  Back at Nerdvana the orange team is already talking about who they want to eliminate – Danielle is happy to vote for Joshua since he didn’t participate in the challenge, but he thinks that he’s going to be safe.  Instead of getting ready for the Nerdoff or talking about strategy, they decide instead to get drunk and enjoy their last night as a team in the house.  Ivan is worried that he’s going to be targeted by the blue team, so he goes to Virgil and tries to plead his case and even though Virgil wouldn’t confirm or deny that Ivan is going up, Ivan walked away feeling confident that he wasn’t going up.

The blue team picks Ivan(obviously the kid’s a huge threat to wit the game) and he’s upset because he thought he was in the clear, but really it’s not surprising.  The orange team chooses to send Joshua into the nerdoff against Ivan. Later Ivan confronts everyone asking each member of the blue team to look him in the eye and tell him that he was the right choice to send to the nerd off and it’s a totally weird and uncomfortable situation as he stares each person down – doesn’t he realize this is a game?

At the nerdoff the challenge is a game of memory and the first person to reach seven pairs wins, but they have distractions to try to throw them off including a sumo wrestler and our girl Mindy whipping tennis balls at them. While Ivan started out strong in the game, Joshua comes back strong tying up the game at 4 each.  In the end Ivan had what it takes and he wins the nerdoff, sending Joshua home.

Do you think the blue team made the right choice trying to get rid of Ivan now that he’s still in the game?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “King of the Nerds”

Photo: TBS

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