‘Glee’ review: Shockers for Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, and Lea Michele in ‘I Do’

Naya RiveraLeading up to Thursday night’s “Glee,” there were a number of things that we certainly expected to see: Kurt and Blaine getting back together, Finn and Rachel hooking up, and even Jake trying to persuade Marley into doing the deed with him. However, where in the world did Quinn and Santana come from? The most important thing that the show did here was make it pretty clear that Dianna Agron’s character did not just suddenly turn lesbian overnight, and this is just the sort of experiment thing that happens in college.

The strangest part of this episode, which featured Emma leaving Will at the altar, to us was the mere fact that the wedding reception happened in the first place. If you were friends of Will’s, why in the world would you still go celebrate a wedding that didn’t happen? This ceremony did at least brings us some pretty significant moments, with the primary one being Finn’s pretty awesome (and possibly booze-impacted speech to Rachel) that made it pretty clear just where his feelings lie, and his confidence that the story is going to eventually end in his favor.

The only thing that made the Finchel story even more interesting was seeing how the entire relationship between her and Brody is just built up on a giant (and rather hilarious) lie. We know that this is not going anywhere. Meanwhile, Marley ended up getting an awkward kiss from Ryder once she admitted to him that she knew who was really pulling the strings on her Valentine’s Day.

As for what happened with Will and Emma, Finn actually helped him to track down his prospective wife-to-be despite the fact that he kissed her just last week. The other major romance news right now? Artie has a new love interest in Emma’s niece, played by Ali Stroker of “The Glee Project.”

This was ultimately a bit of a weird episode in many ways: many storylines were really just left open; we didn’t get much resolution for Quinn and Santana, Emma’s whereabouts are still unknown, Sue showing up to walk down the aisle was just ridiculous, Oh, and should we also mention that Rachel may be pregnant, possibly with Finn’s baby?

Did you enjoy “I Do,” even in spite of some of its various problems? If you want to check out some music from the episode yet again, you can do so by heading over here.

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