Big Brother 24 live feed spoilers: Joseph, Taylor gametalk (day 42)

Taylor Hale Big BrotherWe’ve made it to the halfway point of Big Brother 24and there could be some celebrations soon. We’re anticipating a halfway party for the houseguests before long, and that’s in addition to the birthday party that Jasmine has attempted to stretch into some sort of five-day event.

Jasmine has to be one of the more ridiculous houseguests we’ve seen in a while, and we could get into all the reasons from the overdone Diary Rooms to requesting birthday cards from her housemates. In the end, though, we want to get more into strategy here since there was at least some debate tonight about this week.

For now, it seems as though Indy is going to be evicted on Thursday. However, Joseph at least tried to plant some seeds to Taylor late this afternoon that there could be value in Indy staying. His argument? It would mask his true allegiance from Indy, Alyssa, and Jasmine for a little while. He knows they will question if he spearheads any anti-Indy movement, and these are numbers he wants to at least entertain down the road. He’s trying to play the game with almost every single thing he does in there, including telling Taylor that they are better off not pursuing their pseudo-showmance in the game for a while. They’ve seen the target that it put on Alyssa and Kyle, and in his mind, he thinks it’s best to avoid that. (We do think he likes her, by the way, but he doesn’t want to get attached in a game like this. He has more restraint than Kyle — let’s just put it that way.)

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Will Indy actually stay this week? Probably not, but we do see more discussions coming.

In other news…

Kyle worked hard on Turner tonight to push the two of them closer together. Kyle’s been a super-mess all day, so why not add another possible final two to the mix? We just think he realizes that keeping Alyssa long-term paints a target on him and he may be better being one part of a larger alliance.

For Turner, he needs to develop more of a specific plan to win. He’s done a great job of positioning himself, but you have to do more than that to win.

Remember… Stay tuned?

We’ll have more from the feeds in the morning. (Photo: CBS.)

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