Only Murders in the Building season 2: Did Poppy kill Bunny?

Bunny Only Murders in the BuildingAs we get ourselves prepared for the Only Murders in the Building season 2 finale next week, the list of suspects is absolutely smaller. With the big reveal this week of the connection between Cinda Canning and Detective Kreps, it is clear that Cinda effectively faked her last big podcast All is Not OK in Oklahoma. Not only that, but the woman who was supposedly dead in Becky Butler is actually still alive … and is Poppy, her assistant!

Knowing this about Poppy raises all sorts of different questions, including what Poppy really knows and also how involved she could be the in the case at the heart of season 2: The death of Bunny Folger.

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At this point, Only Murders in the Building has clearly set up that whoever offed Bunny was tied to Cinda in some way. There was a conversation between seemingly Tina Fey’s character and the artist Rose Cooper about the painting. Meanwhile, Cinda and Poppy were suspiciously outside the Arconia when Charles, Oliver, and Mabel were getting arrested. How did they know to be there? Cinda is too crafty to kill Bunny herself, even if the whole purpose of the murder was for personal gain with the podcast.

Does anyone else feel like there’s a red herring aspect of this with Cinda? She may be a mastermind, but is it possible Poppy went rogue and killed Bunny herself to impress her boss and get a better spot working for her? Or, is there a connection between Poppy and Bunny we don’t know about yet? The biggest issue with anyone in Cinda’s fold killing Bunny is quite simple: How do they know about the secret passageways of the Arconia? That’s a huge thing that needs to be answered.

In the end, we just think like this: If the show wants to surprise us somewhat with the finale, it’s not with making Cinda the killer; instead, it is someone close to her.

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