Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 episode 2: Hiding secrets

Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2

As we get ourselves set up here for Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 episode 2 on Starz this weekend, there are a few stories that could take center stage. What’s one of the big ones? Let’s just say that it has a good bit to do with Raq.

From our vantage point (and based on the way the premiere ended), it is fairly clear that Malcolm Howard remembers the truth about the shooting last season — even if he is pretending otherwise. How long will he keep that secret? Also, how long is Raq going to keep the truth from Kanan about his father?

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Raq recognizes that maintaining a lot of these secrets is a delicate balancing act, but it definitely doesn’t seem as though she is shying away from anything in the near future. Speaking in a new interview with Digital Spy, here is some of what Patina Miller had to say on the subject:

“She’s unsettled because Kanan’s back, she’s trying to figure him out. He’s been gone for three months – a lot has changed. He’s changed. Malcolm’s not dead, so the secret is still there. For her, it’s about managing that, so her headspace is like… She’s quick, right? Like she’s thinking a mile a minute at all times of ‘how can I put out this fire and sort of try to connect with Kanan to sort of get an idea of who he is?’

“So she spends the first part of the season really trying to reach him. Because she doesn’t recognize – as she wouldn’t, because of what he did – how that’s affected him as a 16 year old.”

Raq’s got a lot to learn still, and we think that in some ways, that could very well surprise. Isn’t that also still a part of the fun? We’ll see that process further in episode 2 this weekend, let alone the rest of this season.

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What do you think we’re going to see Raq do moving into Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 episode 2?

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